Friday, July 27, 2007

Um. Wow.

Things are going really well in my little corner of the world. For one, this blog has been featured in the USAT-Midwest Region newsletter. So cool. I wish I could think of something brilliant and insightful to say, but AJ hasn't gotten back to me with any ideas.

Secondly, my friend Sally and Adam Zucco, both from Training Bible, are doing a VO2 Max demo tonight at Little Shark (team headquarters)and guess who gets to do the demo test? Your's truly!! So, I will finally know my true Lactate Threshold and what my freakin' heart rate is "supposed" to be when I'm training in any given Zone.

Should be pretty handy for these next few weeks as I pile on the mileage and intensity (yeah, yeah, I'm following the 10% rule and all that) getting ready for the Lake St. Louis Oly Distance in September. And, it will really be useful this fall when I begin marathon training for the Space Coast Marathon in Florida the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Yes, gentle readers, I did say MARATHON! Its time this Fire Bird got some run on. My run has improved greatly this season but I think it can only get better with some focused training. Plus, I just want to say I did it. What the hell, a couple of triathlons under my belt, I might as well do the 26.2, right? Sure. What the hell.

So, my motivation, which has been sorely lacking after my incredibly relaxing trip to the river (post and pictures to come, I promise), is starting pick up again. I can feel that fire in my belly starting to burn and I'm looking forward to what it has in store for me.

Tomorrow morning, I'm racing a 10k - my first - so I can start to get the feel for that distance at race intensity. I've run that far (and farther) many times, but, as you all can attest to, training is not racing. Wish me luck, sports fans!

And be careful out there!

**** Edit - Ok, so I'm the type of person to constantly "rear view mirror" edit myself and it occurs to me, after much thought throughout the day, that my above "scoff" at the 26.2 miles might not clearly be tongue in cheek. So, there ya go. Totally tongue in cheek. 26.2 miles is terrifying!! But I'm doing it because that's what I do - I look stuff that terrifies me right in the face and stick out my tongue and say "I'm doing it anyway." When I was four, I insisted I was big enough to ride the kids roller coaster. My mom and dad warned me that it would be scary, that it was bigger than it looked, but I insisted that I wanted to do it and that it would be fun. I got on that thing and I did it. With a big smile plastered on my face - right below saucer sized eyes filled with terror. I was, in fact, terrified, but I wasn't going to let my mom and dad - or the roller coaster - know this. I still love roller coasters. That is the nature of this beast.

Whew. I feel better now.


Vickie said...

Good luck tomorrow! I know you can do it. Just pace yourself--your last 5k effort, times two, plus a minute, and that will be the perfect pace. (Listen to me talk! Its been years since I've been able to do that.)
I was reminded of my last marathon adventure, signing up AFTER my first oly distance tri. I figured if I could do that in 3.5 hours, I could certainly do a marathon, right? (Sorry, it doesn't transfer, but what you don't know won't kill you.) A new adventure awaits, both in your upcoming tri and your marathon debut.

21stCenturyMom said...

Good luck on your 10K. Take it a little bit easy the first 2 miles and then put your afterburners on. If you start out sprinting you will have a hard time holding your pace.

I'm running a 1/2 marathon Sunday and I'm so glad it isn't a full one. Running a marathon is an accomplishment NOT to be underrated. It hurts - no 2 ways about it but it makes your feel very strong and athletic so you go girl! Take your training seriously and the rest will fall out.

Bolder said...

good runnin' on the 10K chica!

as a teenager, my friends told me we had to do the 'kiddie' roller coaster at BobLo Island. i was like 'what?'... they said, yah, but front row, no hands.

so, i did.

most terrifying thing i've EVER done in my life. i thought i was a gonner.

i'll leave the roller coasters for you...

21stCenturyMom said...

I predict you rock the marathon the same way you rocked your FTE.

Jane said...

Welcome back!

Vickie said...

Not to pressure you or anything, but anxiously awaiting the 10k race report!

Tom said...

Waiting for the river trip photos and the 10K info. Photos are fun. Hurry and post. Move it, fire bird.

Rural Girl said...

Your blog was featured?! Wow! That is impressive. Hope your 10K went well.