Thursday, March 27, 2008

Living Vicariously

Well, friends, it seems that two of our fellow bloggers are on the campaign trail and mighty close to making the cut. Help 'em out, the info is below. And, who knows, maybe one of these days it'll be you and they'll return the favor.


MAKE IT 2 OUTTA 3 In a coordinated effort with other Tri-Bloggers I am supporting both Commodore and TriBoomer in their combined effort to make the top three vote getters of this month's EvoTri sponsorship. Both of them are equally capable of representing their fellow age groupers and I want them to make it to the final phone call on Saturday where they will each fight for the one position on the team available right now. If you are a reader of this website and have not voted for either one of these men, now vote for both of them and push them to the final round by following these instructions. Send two emails, one for each candidate, to In one email write in the Subject field: In the second email write in the Subject field: The top three vote gathering candidates will advance to a round of interviews by members of Team EvoTri. Voting ends at 11:59 PM on Friday, March 28, 2008

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I've finally had a moment to peruse some of your bad ass blogs and indulge in some vicarious living through your training - it hasn't had any effect on the enormity of my thighs (why, Why, WHY does the baby need weight on my ass? Can anybody tell me that?? Is it a balance thing, what?) it has definitely helped my morale. I had to stop running three months ago because my back just killed me. I'm tough but I'm not a martyr. I didn't post about it because it was too fresh, too painful. It still pretty much sucks, but there's a bigger, better picture I can appreciate now - and its living a squirming and blessed existence in my enormous belly! I swim every once in awhile but, sadly, my schedule, lack of cash flow and my incessant need for sleep tend to interfere with that being a regular thing. Also, its so much frickin work to get a swim suit on. Seriously, I think I burn more calories getting undressed, suited up and redressed than I do in the water. I've been walking whenever possible though this winter's frequent ice has made that a challenge. So, mostly, I veg out. I sleep. I rest. I read. I watch amazing numbers of Baby reality shows: Baby Story, Bringing Home Baby, The Baby Diaries. My husband thinks I'm nuts. I'm just trying to wrap my mind around the little bundle who's set to arrive in three months or so. And the Ironman worthy ordeal that will need to happen in order to get him here. I'm not afraid. Not even nervous, really. Yet. Its just somewhat incomprehensible at this time of my life. All our kids are older - my baby is eight and gangly, though he still tries to climb on my lap every once in awhile. And my belly has become his wooby. Everytime he sits or stands near me, he's trying to lift up my shirt so he can rub the belly. It reminds me of his nursing years - only with less nudity. I mean, I post my belly on the world wide web. I don't think I'd be up to exposing the "nummies" as they were so dubbed eight years ago. Though for the right amount of money . . . did I mention there was a cash flow problem?

ANYWAY - I've so enjoyed visiting you all and seeing what you are up to. I long for the days when I'll be able to revel in a brick that brings me to my knees - or at least to the nearest ice bath. For those long miles on the local trails. For being able to swim more than a couple hundred yards without stopping to catch my breath. Hell, I'd settle for going up the stairs without stopping to suck air!

So, here's to all of you - training and sweating and racing out there! For what its worth, you're keeping my dream alive, even as I lounge on my couch in my nest of a thousand pillows and watch my millionth episode of Baby Story - I know that I'll be back. And I know that my son will know that a brick isn't just something you build houses out of and that tri-ing is even better than trying. And that racing isn't something that only fast people do.