Friday, July 20, 2007

Gotta Get Away!

So, I wasn't sore from the race but Thursday's bootcamp with my friend Coach Sally has me in agony!!! Any of you lucky enough to live in or visiting the St. Louis area should check it out. Its a great workout and there are several triathletes (including Sally herself) involved.

Thank God I'm heading for the river tomorrow, my thighs are in dire need of recovery.

Did I mention that I'm heading for the river tomorrow? Not just any river, mind you, our river - as in Hubby's and mine. We first visited this river (which for the sake of preserving said river's quiet wildness I promised Hubby I wouldn't name) when we had been dating only two months. It was a test of sorts that we both passed with flying colors (thankfully!)

It was on this trip that I really knew Hubby was "the one". I had suspected it before, even that early, but on this trip, I knew. It was in the way we approached the challenges on the river together without tension or blame but with two heads working quickly to find the best solution. It was in the way that, when my beloved Dudley went missing on the trail (during the backpacking segment of the trip), Hubby (then Boyfriend) stayed positive and offered unparalleled support. I'll never forget walking down the trail ahead of him, calling Dudley's name then finally starting to break down as I lost all hope of ever seeing him again - and hearing my Future Hubby not walking, but running up behind me to put his arms around me and assure me that it would be OK. The sound of those steps running up behind me was the sound of my future. We found Dudley (of course) and the ending was nothing but happy.

The next summer we returned to the river and found the same gravel bar from the year before to camp on. It was perfect in every way - a raised and tree-sheltered spot for the tent, a beautiful bluff to look at across the river, a fire circle on a gravel beach to cook on as the sun set. Even a rope swing.

It was that year, on this gravel bar that we got engaged. Without a doubt, one of the most ecstatic moments of my life.

Last summer, we were back again. Same gravel bar, same idyllic feeling. Its our river.

Dudley's river too.

Happy Trails!


Tom said...

Your river sounds idyllic. Great memories for you. What could beat camping by a river with someone special? Have a great time.

Vickie said...

Sweet! Sounds ideal, and how nice to have a private place to be together to get away from the world! Actually, as I said, I have been to your area in the last 2 years and while it was a tough area, I haven't ruled out ever going back. Some day...

21stCenturyMom said...

Awww.. that is so sweet - have a GREAT time (I know you will).

Bolder said...

what a great post!

enjoy your time on the river!!

Anonymous said...

Hubby says
" I'm all emotional!!!! "

And I can't wait to go back!
Love you!!!

BTW Nice big deposit!

No Wetsuit Girl... overseas! said...

I want a river! I want a river as pretty as your river! It kind of makes that old Chris Farley sketch, "living in a VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER" sound pretty cool.

Have a great trip!

jeanne said...

awwwww, that is the MOST ROMANTIC story ever!

have a great time.

Rural Girl said...

Hope you had a relaxing visist. It's great how a place means more than just that physical space.

Comm's said...

based on how old your son is, being able to return to a place that renews your soul like the lake with so many great memories is awesome.

Mistress and I had a similiar place we would camp at a couple times a month. Just us and the river next to us.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I have our own river we consider just ours. It is very nice to be there together.

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a.maria said...

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i'm forwarding to you momentarily.