Thursday, February 25, 2010

In Case You Didn't Know Already . . .

This week, I actually feel like I'm in training for a Marathon.  I know.  I've BEEN in training  for a marathon but the miles are starting to look really big to me. Sunday's run was fifteen miles - in hilly, rocky, lovely Queeny Park.  I surprised myself by finishing without the usual moment of despair that seems to happen with every long run.

And yesterday, in the middle of the week, I ran an 8 mile tempo run.  8 miles.  As a mid-week tempo.  That's when I really got it into my skull - and into the rest of me - its really happening.  I just might pull this thing off.  I might actually run 26.2 miles and live to tell about it.  Wow.

Speaking of pulling this off, friends, the time is getting short.  I am launching my full fledge Begging for Money campaign - starting here and extending to friends and family (be ready for the email, Ma), work and hopefully some public venues where I can wear my tshirt and ask strangers to give me there cash.  Well not me but my buds at Wine To Water.  Doc is in Haiti right now, bringing bio filters to the people of Haiti.  As you probably know, they are in dire need of clean water over there right now.  You can click on the video in my sidebar to get a glimpse of what they're doing over there.  If you double click it, you can get the full screen.  Maybe a super-techie out there (that does not mean you, spam robots!) can tell me how to make the video viewable in my sidebar.  Its beyond my skills. 

ANYWAY - the time is now friends.  If you can and want to help out, even if its just $1.00 or so, please do.  You can visit my fundraising page or go directly to Wine To Water. Tell your friends and family, tell your enemies.  Please, help us out - this is an urgent but fixable problem.  Love to all of you still reading and those of you who happened here by accident!  Peace out for now.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Whine Fest

Sheesh.  Has it been that long since my last post?  Wow. 

I've been struggling with feeling lousy the last couple of weeks.  Back and forth from being laid out on the couch and running/swimming/spinning and feeling great.  I can't figure it out.  I'm eating plenty.  Sleeping as much as I can - which is probably not enough but, I'm trying. And still . . .

In the meantime, I've gotten a 14 miler in - 14 miles is a long way to run any way you look at it.  Its far.  But I gotter done.  Last week was a recovery week which finished off with an "easy" ten mile run.  The kicker is that it did feel easy.  Kinda.  As easy as ten miles can feel to a mere mortal like me.  It went fast and fun as well as I was lucky enough to meet up with a dude training for an ultra and going about my pace - he slowed down for me and I sped up for him.  It was fun to talk with someone who knew so much and was so passionate about running. 

Yesterday, I did a tempo run at a little over six miles.  This morning I swam.  Tonight I feel like I got hit by a truck.  So, I'm going to bed.

Just thought I'd check in - in case anyone's still out there.  Coming Soon: The Final Push and a Plea for Money.

Peace out.