Monday, July 2, 2007

Homage to Bolder.

This week, particularly this weekend held some of each of our friend Bold's traditional Monday post:

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

So, rather than try to reinvent the wheel, I will borrow his format with a great bow of reverence and assurance that imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Without further adieu:

The Good

I got a couple of great training sessions in this week, not as many as hoped but some high quality, very encouraging workouts. I think I'm going to be ready for whatever Ballwin throws at me on the fifteenth.

My LSAT score is in. 163, 88th percentile. It was received with initial elation followed by deep disappointment (only top 12%? Crap, that's not going to get me a scholarship!) followed by acceptance and relative peace with the number. Its not stellar but its not too shabby.

I ran about 9.5 miles with a few of my teammates on a lovely trail near my house. It was very difficult but also a blast.

Two of my local friend's rocked Coeur d'Alene and have recruited Mary Ann (of the kamikaze rabbit incident) to do it with them next year. They even invited me to join them!!

The Bad

On the trail run, I was DFL throughout, though they seemed to take turns holding back and running with me. I guess that, although I'm faster than I've ever been, I still can't keep up with the 25 year old studs and chicas. They were very sweet and didn't try to make me feel bad but I felt bad anyway.

My Wednesday open water swim was cancelled due to "marginally unsafe e coli levels". I really needed to get back on that horse after Kevin Hunt's tragic drowning last weekend. For now, the horse is in the pasture and I keep looking over my shoulder at it. I know its gotta be ridden but I'm dreading it just the same.

In addition to peaking my fear of open water, last weekend's incident has also convinced some members of my family that I am insane and have a death wish for doing this.

Strain on the home front over the amount of training I'm already doing makes IM C'dA impossible for next year. One of these days, when I figure out a way to make money that's more flexible and when Boy Genius is older. But not this year. On a positive note, we are seriously considering going up there anyway to either volunteer or just party and cheer on the many peeps from blogland who are racing along with Annette, Sally and Mary Ann, my local "girls". Keep your fingers crossed on that front.

The Ugly

Not three minutes into the aforementioned trail run, I tripped on a rock on an abrupt downhill and took flight into the nearby bushes. Not the kind of flight I was imagining earlier this week but rather one that ended in scratches, scrapes, a circle of concerned 25 year old faces above me and a bad feeling in my shoulder. Though I was able to swim 1600 yards shortly afterward, the pain that followed that little stunt has convinced me that swimming is out of the question until it heals. It hurts to lift my arm and any rotation is near agony. Shit. I took yesterday and today off but I'm getting on my bike and running tomorrow. I have to get some peak in this week. Worst case scenario, I know I can knock out the 300 yard swim on July 15, even if I can't swim until then. Say a little prayer for me - or light a candle or something. This shoulder must make a miraculous comeback or I'm trading it in for a new one.

Much love to all of you guys out there - your support when I was in the dumps and your encouragement as I fly out have been beyond fabulous. I love you guys. I really do. Sniff.

Here's to better days!


21stCenturyMom said...

Here's to better days, indeed.

As for the tragedy of Kevin Hunt - there was an article recently in a major metropolitan newspaper (NYT? SF Chron? I don't remember) about sudden heart attacks and marathons. The conclusion was that the sport isn't at fault - the problem is already there and the event just brings it on. It doesn't make it any less tragic but it does make it marginally more comprehensible.

I hope your shoulder feels better soon.

Bolder said...

well, i am flattered! i don't know if YOU know this, but, homage is one of my favorite words, i could walk around the HABC sayin' "oh-maj" all day long...

props to you on the LSAT... despite my clear brilliance and highly strategic mind, i've never scored well on stadardized tests -- especially multiple choice ones, so i have admiration for those who do.

i get my ass handed to me every freakin' day in Boulder, i know your pain... i was laughing at masters on friday night, i got put in the fast lane by the swim coach, and when we got to the 300 in the set, the lady leading the lane lapped me TWICE... then, i had to endure her giving me the "I FREAKIN' LAPPED YOU!" look at the end of the set... hmpf.

we love you too. i'll personally be re-assembling the drum circle here in Boulder for you, and send you good TRI vibes for your race day!

Jane said...

Cancelled due to high E coli levels? That is more frightening than sharks (you do know where E Coli is found....) I didn't know about Kevin Hunt until I read it here. Sad and scary, but at least he went out living life, doing something active, taking risks.

Rural Girl said...

Law school, eh? I love school and wish I could be a professional student. Good luck in your legal endeavors.

Vickie said...

Everything that's going on right now is normal for what we go through in the real world--triathlon training takes up a lot more time than the family likes sometimes; we get humbled about our abilities with other fast ones out there; and injuries are almost inevitable. But your LSAT scores are fantastic and here's to the opportunity for you to make that money to give you the flexibility you want in the future. It will take brains and ability to get where you want to go! As for IMCDA, I was thinking of going up next year again to watch too. There's someone I will be watching too!

Vickie said...

P.S. Hopefully your shoulder isn't messed up too badly. Better to let it rest than aggravate it. Your swimming can hold off until your race and likely it will be fine by then if you don't aggravate it before.

No Wetsuit Girl... overseas! said...

The good:
"It was very difficult but also a blast." Those are the best kinds of workouts!

The bad:
I don't think that e.coli is a lame excuse. And relax, open water is scary, but as long as you have people with you no harm should come to you. Except, of course, e.coli, which is... ugly.

The ugly:
Ouch! You're not the only blog I've seen this weekend about people falling on trails. I think it was a full moon. We'll blame it on that. Feel better!

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

take it easy on that shoulder! Even if you do nothing for the next week - to let it heal - you'll do fine on the course. Breathe!

p.s. - Ice, Ice, and more ice on that shoulder! It's never too late for ice!

jeanne said...

ok, i'm reading backwards. well not really, but you know what i mean. so ... congrats on the LSAT! and the 9.5 miles! and boo on the hurt shoulder. and at least you got your DFL'ing out of the way. and Big boo on the e coli. yuck.