Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Funny Story

Just to show you how much training, racing and blogging have gotten into my brain, I'm gonna share this little story. TMI warning!!!

The other night I had a dream that I was racing in the Boulder Stroke and Stride. I was the only person without a wetsuit (the water was REALLY cold) and kept trying to draft off the same Clydesdale that was in front of me during my First Open Water Swim Ever. Like the FOWSE, though, I kept catching the guy and almost swimming over top of him which was freaking him out, so then I was trying to get around him which I couldn't manage either. Meanwhile, in the real world, my dog was puking on the floor from some plastic my husband had given him earlier that evening (?!?!?!?). I heard him puking in my dream and thought "Wow, Dudley is having a really hard time with this race. He's going to have to DNF." Finally, the puking woke me up and I poked Hubby and said "Dudley's puking." Hubby, subliminally knowing that he was responsible, got up to clean it up. Also, I can't see an effing thing without my contacts and I don't have glasses. So I was blind and incapable of assistance. I know, you feel my pain.

ANYWAY, as Hubby was cleaning up the mess, I told him "I was dreaming I was doing the Boulder Stroke and Stride . . ." He abruptly stops me with "What the F*@&!?! He's got a name for it?" I could hear how incredulous he was and only then did I realize that it did sound kind of . . . suggestive. "Its a race, honey. Its a swim and run race in Boulder, CO." "Oh." Sounding relieved. "OK."

Yeah. So, this is definitely permeating my home. At least we got that cleared up quickly. Otherwise, it could have been ugly.


21stCenturyMom said...

OMG - that made me LAUGH! I certainly hope it makes Bold laugh... and blush... too funny.

Your husband is really quick, btw.

Bolder said...


stop reading my race reports before you go to bed!

why is your husband feeding your dog plastic? it's like a whole different country here.

yes, i do have a name for it... you just basically leave out the 'u' and it gets, um, BOLDER.

k, here's a FUNNY STORY for the two of you... a related stroke & stride story... it's a new tradition, we exchange TRI stories on July the 4th...

let's just say a certain male triathete was swimming in the j
Stroke & Stride, and in the mad washing-machine-like sprint at the beginning a certain female triathlete got panicky, and suddenly rolled on her back for some slow backstroke...

let's just say a certain male triathlete who was hauling ass wasn't expecting her to flip over and slow down -- right in front of him -- and swam RIGHT ON TOP OF HER.

let's just say there was direct goggle-to-goggle contact, followed by a 'well, hello there'...

with both the certain male and female triathletes wearing black wetsuits -- it was a very sea otter moment!

SkiRough said...

Heh :) Once you're dreaming about it, you really are doomed.

Jane said...

Stroke and Stride - that does sound suggestive! Should be the name of the next Prince song. Dreaming about triathlons means it has really gotten into your unconscious. Not necessarily a bad thing; may reveal some anxieties you have, or just might mean you are really getting into this! (Free therapy, I am a shrink.)

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

it's the "stroke" part of the equation that is destined to get hung up in the male brain.

just sayin'.

jeanne said...

dear god.