Thursday, March 1, 2007

Sinking into the Depths of "The Crud"

Thanks to all that replied yesterday.

I have to agree that its easier to write when you think no body's reading - but its so much more rewarding to write when you know somebody is. I suppose I (we) do this for a variety of reasons. It really helps to get things off of your chest, vent, and log interesting things that happened in training. Its cool to go back later and re-read where you were just a few months ago. Essentially, though, there's also this sense of community - some of you have large communities, some of us have small, but its still gratifying to know that someone is listening, someone is interested in how things are going for you and what you have to say, and someone is out there to offer advice when you feel lost - or when you didn't even know you were lost until you were given directions. And someone is out there sharing their own struggles on their blog and, again, you just don't feel like you're going it alone.

Training for a triathlon borders on insanity - certainly for the general population. And, while I can't speak for the rest of you out there, I'll venture to say I'm not alone in feeling like nobody in my immediate surroundings really wants to hear the gory details of my training, or my latest insecurity or vent or laugh or whatever is going on in the triathlon trenches on any particular day. Its beyond awesome to know that there are other people out there in the trenches, plugging away like me and its amazing to receive feedback and advice and encouragement from those folks - some hundreds of miles away. It makes you feel *sniff* supported. And, other than my favorite sports bra, nothing has made me feel more supported than feedback from you guys out there (you too, Hubby). So thank you, thank you, thank you!

On a dimmer note, I'm truly succumbing to "The Crud". My dreams of another "easy run" this morning quickly faded when I actually tried to get out of bed. And, on top of it, work is this incredible Festival of Madness. So, I have no training stories to tell today. I'm sure I'll have something after my meeting with swim coach, L. Payne. Pronounced "pain". I'm not making this up. Gulp. Wish me luck.


Bolder said...

ok, you're not back to acting again are you? well, i'm sorry to hear about you and 'The Crud'... i hope you part ways soon.

did you just say i remind you of your favorite sports bra? *blink* you could have just become my favorite blogger.

good luck with the swim coach. and keep writing, your subscribers are up to 3 -- at this rate, you'll have 150 in a year, be a more popular blogger than i, and, i will have to create a smear campaign to put you in your place.

or, not.

Phoenix said...

Or we can join forces and conquer the verld!

Thanks for everything, Bold - the vote of confidence, the advice (rubber side down - huh, who knew?), and for the humor. I also happen to love your blog (you're at the top of my list, after all)

Bike porn coming soon.

Wil said...

Hey try some extra Zinc - will knock out your "crud" before it really hits .

And anyone who compares Bolder with a sports bra is OK in my book... ;)

Phoenix said...

Iron Wil and Bolder read my blog!!! OMG. That is beyond cool.

I'll try the zinc, Wil. I have this EmergenC stuff that has extra zinc - Immune Blaster or something like that. I just need to actually ingest it as it doesn't do me any good sitting on my counter.

Thanks for stopping by!!