Friday, March 2, 2007

I Did It!

Yesterday evening, when I went to pick up my son, Boy Genius (more on the name later), from After-School care, I was informed that there was no school today. Records Day. WTF?!?! So, I did some quick thinking and some quick calling to Boss Man and got this morning off - to keep an eye on Boy Genius and to get some much needed rest. I proceeded to go home, call Hubby and beg him to order pizza, and go straight to bed. There I stayed for fourteen hours and I wish I could say I felt better when I rolled out of bed at 8:00 this morning, but I really didn't.

However, I am nothing if not determined. And the sun was shining (though it was VERY windy) and it was above 40. Barely. So I bundled up Boy Genius, bundled myself up, and we got on our bikes and rode to the school. He played in the playground and I tooled around the parking lot, getting the feel for the bike, practicing come in and out of aero, shifting, braking, etc. Once I felt comfy, I pulled my Cycling Shoes out of my backpack, and went down to the track. My first idea was that I would try to ride on the grassy area in the middle but it was way too soft. So, after I practiced coming in and out of the pedals forty times on each foot. Yes, forty. I read that somewhere and after my Last Fall, I wasn't taking any chances. Then, I took a deep breath, I clipped in with one foot, and I took off. Then I clipped in with the other foot. And I was still upright. Still rubber side down. I couldn't believe it! I was riding clipless (that sounds kinda dirty) and I was surviving it! I rode around the track for about 20 minutes, clipping out, stopping, starting, getting comfy. My son was ready to go before I felt like I'd mastered it, but I did it! It felt great.

Now, I wish I could say I didn't fall at all, but that would be a lie. And George Washington taught me to never tell a lie. I did sort of fall right at the end. When Boy Genius was watching, of course. I'm not really sure how I managed it, really. I'd already stopped, already clipped out of my left pedal. All I can figure is that I naturally lean to the right when I stop so I must have leaned and, being still clipped in, I tipped. Mmm hmm. Very cool, very inspiring. B.G. got a kick out of it. And no damage was done, I just reskinned my knee a bit. A little blood, but no pain. I'm brave. Thank God, because with my grace - or lack thereof - I need some Courage!


teacherwoman said...

Good thing your still brave! :) Kids get a kick out of any adult hurting themselves, it's just part of nature! Nice work, though!

a.maria said...

CLIPLESS!!!!! congrats. i know just how you feel, i seriously was like a retarded monkey trying to get a feel for clipping in.. and espeically OUT, of the damn pedals.

i just rode about 3 times before it got too cold out, so i'm starting to get nervous again. but anyway, practice clipping in and out at home on your trainer, its helped me a TON! congrats!! very exciting stuff!

Phoenix said...

"a retarded monkey" (LOL - that's classic!) seems to describe me on the bike - in general. I feel like a speed demon on the trainer - but put me on the road and I'm a trembling puddle. Sigh. I can only pray that practice makes perfect!!

Bolder said...

you did it!

i think it was my pro tip.

now, that you are almost past fear, you can get to the benefit, and work on your pedal stroke for efficiency and powah!

oh, and c'mon... when you go on a group ride, and everyone clips in and you are one of the 50 'kaaahlaks' that you hear... it doesn't get any bettah than that!

great photos!