Friday, March 23, 2007

A Question:

Thanks to all of you for your encouragement. I have to admit I have mixed feeling about last nights run. Part of me is amazed and proud that I was able to keep it up for that long without falling over. Be assured, I'm feeling it today. Part of me feels guilty and embarrassed that it was that hard for me and that two fellow team members who are far ahead of me fitness wise were witness to my weakness. Humility sucks. As I've said, though, its water under the bridge and training in the bank.

Which leads me to my question. It's a word problem of sorts. If Phoenix is able to maintain a certain pace for one hour without falling over or having to slow down (sure, she wanted to slow down, but she didn't have to), is that pace her Lactate Threshold - even though her heart rate was well over what "should" be her Lactate Threshold? I suspect my heart rate is relatively high for my age group - the so-called aerobic pace feels ridiculously easy and the "anaerobic" zone feels relatively comfortable. So what do I trust? My heart rate or my perceived effort - what I "can" do or what I'm "supposed" to do? I want to train smart, but I also want to train hard. Any advice is incredibly appreciated.


Danielle said...

Okay, I am by no means an expert on this, but coincidentally last night our speed work coach made us do what she called a lactate threshold test, which was running only for 8 minutes as hard as we could keep a steady pace and noting the average heart rate from that effort. That is most likely a gross approximation but it is something to work with - I think the real way to have it figured it out at a lab. But really, I am sort of clueless on this and only know what I was told last night :-)

Bolder said...

yah, what Danielle said!

you have a great approximation of your lactate threshold... given what you were able to run last night, and uing the first 4 miles of your last race as a warmup, and counting just the last mile, i'd say your lactate threshold is:

8:19 min/mi 187.5 HR

you should be able to hold that in race conditions for 30-45 minutes.

but, it won't be fun!