Saturday, March 24, 2007

Just Call Me Speedy

Today is one of those days where all your plans fly out the window. It's a good day, nonetheless.

The morning started with sleeping in until 7:00, then getting up to get ready to take Princess, my stepdaughter, to a singing audition at Six Flags. They're doing this open audition for all area kids ages 9 - 12 who want to be stars. Princess wanted to do it and, as we do her bidding (she's too sweet to say no to), we were taking her. I had decided to readjust my training plans to do a swim after we got back, then a ride and run later this afternoon. Soo, I got showered, put on some makeup (this was a big deal), got dressed. I was good to go.

Then we got a phone call. Princess, who was at her mother's, had developed an acute case of stage fright. Her dance wasn't ready, her song wasn't rehearsed enough and, besides, she thought she was coming down with something. Can we do it next weekend, instead? OK, I was aggravated, I could have been getting out of the pool right about then, ready for a nice ride and run, having it all out of the way before noonish. But, as I said, we do her bidding and are happy about it. So there was a change of plans. I decided to get out of dodge quickly and get in my ride and run (the pool was out until 12:00 as the water aerobics ladies have dibs from 8:00 to 12:00). I had to be back by 12:00 so that Hubby could take Princess to softball practice and I could be there to keep Boy Genius from blowing up the house. By the time I ate a little something, drove to the trail and got on the bike it was just after 9:00. I was suspecting that two laps (32 miles) was not going to happen but I thought I'd give it a shot. A short ride is better than no ride.

Off I went. I've gotta tell you, I am finally getting the hang of riding the race horse that is Pyro. I started the ride shaking, as usual, but soon I was picking up the pace and loving it. I've been taking her out for short spins around my hood every time its been nice enough in the evenings - just ten or twenty minutes to get the hang of the clipless, the shifting, to convince myself that she's not, as my dad so aptly put it, a death machine. That has really helped - the clipless were second nature, I had no problem shifting and I felt pretty stable on my little filly until I tried to get into the aero bars - that felt too tippy, so I stayed on the hoods. I was able to crouch down pretty close to aero and I felt more in control. I know I'll get there.

ANYWAY, I actually got up to 20 miles an hour and stayed there for awhile. That felt like about as fast as I could go, though the longer I maintained it, the more it seemed momentum was pulling me forward. The bad thing about that trail is that there aren't any sections longer than 2 or 3 miles before a stop light. And on a nice day like today, there was a ton of pedestrian and "piddling" bike traffic. Not conducive to opening her up, but I had a blast on the longer stretches when I could feel the speed. On the way back, I caught up with this Clydesdale in a cycling jersey (Tour for the Cure) on a mountain bike. Weird combo. He was working it pretty hard, but I passed him like he was standing still. I kind of startled him as he was wearing headphones (?!?!) and didn't hear my "On your left!" (how fun is that to say?). The challenge was on. He caught up to me at the next three lights, got ahead of me as I got my left foot clipped back in and situated my gearing, and all three times, I caught up to him and blew right by him. I guess it was kind of mean to cat and mouse him like that but I was having fun and that's really all that's important. I am the center of my own universe, after all. I thought about thanking him for being my rabbit, but I was afraid that might sound rude.

By the time I finished loop one, it was 11:00 so I opted to leave it at that and go for my run. I really have to get that Saturday ride up. I think it needs to climb to 40 miles before its all said and done. Well, I think I'm ready to hit the road now, so that should make getting in some real miles easier.

My run was good as well. I did the 3.2 miles again (that's the run distance of my first tri in July), keeping my HR between 175 and 180. I did it in 28:52. Right at 9 minute miles. Not as quick as the Death March that was Thursday's run, but, considering that during base, my training pace has been between 12:00 and 13:00 minute miles, and that last spring, my best ever pace was 9:33, I'll take it. I'll so take it. I guess running slower really has made me faster. It will be interesting to see what speed work will do.

The swim was non-existant. I got home to find that Boy Genius was going to the batting cages with one of his friends and that I would actually get to swim alone - so I got my stuff and headed to the pool - only to find that the lap lanes were closed for the day. Like I said, one of those days. So, I went to our local nursery and bought some collard greens and broccoli and planted those little mothers in my garden. I can change plans with the best of them. Happy Spring!


Danielle said...

I tried to go swimming today to find out that the pool was closed because it was "contaminated" - code for "some kid pooped in it."

(And I found that I didn't start falling over in my clipless pedals until I got too comfortable and forgot I was clipped in :-) Now I clip out like a mile before I have to stop :-))

Bolder said...

i think you've built out a solid base, and you are starting to reap the rewards, and climb up the ladder of fitness...

it's all good!

oh, and i just purchased some collard greens for the first time -- what the hell do you do with them? whatever i tried, um, not so much.