Thursday, March 8, 2007

Virtual Insanity

Triathletes are crazy. I realize this isn't big news to most of you. Its not really even big news to me, but the realization really sunk in yesterday -from obsessing about food, to workouts that lead to vomit, to getting excited about having an "awesome" bike accident.

Let me fill you in on the details. Yesterday I was, as you know obsessing about what I eat - or rather obsessing about not wanting to obsess about what I eat. Make sense? Didn't think so. But, there it was - I posted, I got some advice from you fine folks - Thanks Bolder and Jeff - and I felt better.

Which leads me to my spin workout last night. I worked hard. In fact, I worked so hard that at the end, when Troy had us do 3 sets of 10 sec 90% 10 sec 95% and 10 sec 100%, on my final set, I threw up a little. In my mouth. It was . . . gross. Then, when Troy said we were done, I ran to the bathroom and dry heaved. Also gross. But that's not the crazy part. The crazy part is that I felt kind of . . . proud. I mean I've heard of other athletes running or spinning or whatever so hard they threw up. I've never thought I was capable of pushing myself that hard. And, yeah, I should've eaten less before the workout, but still - I feel like I've joined a club. The Athletes Who Are So Hard Core They Throw Up club. And judging from the way Hubby looked at me when I told him what happened (I was almost giddy with endorphins and exhaustion and sheer amazement), its a club full of crazy people. Like me.

But, lest you think I've gone over the edge, I include an example of the truly hard core below. This dude races for my team and was in a cycling accident on Tuesday. This is his description of said accident. I don't know whether to be inspired or terrified.

"I have been in the ER since 1 because I wrecked my new black beauty and it was awesome. I endoed and landed on my face (i look like a B.A.) and like everybody that was driving stopped and called an ambulance. Man, they said it looked awesome. Which is why I couldn't make it. The bike seems to be in pretty good shape. Since I couldn't remember most of what happened (landing on my head an all) they took me in for a CAT scan and an MRI for my hand and wrist and X-Ray for my leg and knee which I couldn't move. And all I kept asking was "How fast did I take that corner?" and "I can't go to the ER because I have swimming practice!" I didn't have swim practice I was just shook up."

Mmm hmmm. That about sums it up. Triathletes are some crazy mo-fos. God, I love you people.

Finally, this morning I went out for a TEMPO RUN!!! It felt so good to let my legs run. Base Training is over - Build Phase has begun. What a way to start - with puke in my mouth.


Renegade said...

Great blog!!!

Check out Renegade's BS

Bolder said...

ok, for the record, i've never ralphed as a result of training, or racing.

matter of fact, i haven't ralphed since my 26th birthday, and that involved women and tequilla, and won't be repeated again.

since you haven't read my blog for a long time, i have on occasion pushed myself sprinting so hard to finish a race that i saw a bright light and jesus -- but, hey, this is your blog not mine, but, i am with you in the THAT WAS BADASS club.

best part yet -- wait till you race -- you will have a new definition of badass afterwards, i can assure you of THAT!

p.s. i had MY first tempo run of the season over lunch too. we're gettin' badder asser every damn day!

Phoenix said...

I'm going to have to search your blog for that post, Bold. That sounds classic.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

oh wow. You are right. Puke is a badge of honor.

That bike accident thing? Yeah - not so crazy about that when it involves broken limbs and stuff.

Though I do admit to a certain amount of pride that as an adult I broke my arm falling off a bicycle.

Yes, it's decidedly perverse.

a.maria said...

ahhhh. the "threw up a little in my mouth" club.

i am SO in that club. and proud OF it! so welcome.