Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Looking for Advice

Sooo, I have a race on Saturday. Kind of. Its a five mile St. Patrick's Day run. I'm entered as a non-competative runner but I do want to run it as a time trial. Should I taper at all for this? I've already decreased my running volume and increased intensity as I'm beginning the build phase. And what about post-race recovery? Should I continue training as usual or cut back or what?

Also, do they make training wheels for tri-bikes? Kidding. Kind of.

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Bolder said...

5 miles. nasty distance!

it's long enough to put the hurt on, and if you were to say run 9 min/mi or less, be right on the outer envelope of an all out LT effort.

this is an excellent opp to do a time trial, that will give you both a stick in ground, and target HR training zones for your prep phase!

i would do a mini-taper, and go in fresh, and see what you can do!

(btw, i have an indoor tri on Sat: 15 min swim, 15 min bike, 15 min run... so, it's right on my LT envelope too -- OUCH!... oh, and i want to beat Roman ;) this year!)