Monday, October 1, 2007

Its Not Easy Being Green.

Oy. Well, up to now, I figured I was dodging the whole "morning sickness" gig. I credited my fitness, my regular exercise and my healthy diet. Silly me.

Last night, around 1:00 a.m., it reared its ugly, nauseous head. So far, it seems to be like my first pregnancy - nearly constant nausea but no actual - um - puking. Sorry. There's no delicate way to say it.

So, today, I'm exhausted, grumpy and ill. I skipped my swim this morning - when the alarm went of at 4:20 a.m., I just couldn't do it. I know. Wuss.

I'm running tomorrow, hell or high water. Running has kept me feeling "normal", even though I have to slow down ridiculously. At least I'm showing a bit so I have a visible excuse for running like a 200 year old tortoise (well, actually, I'm showing a lot. Twins and Triplets are words I've heard quite a bit the last couple of weeks - I'm not "supposed" to be showing at all. I'll take a picture. I'm sure you'll love me for it.) .

We went out for a bike ride yesterday morning - TriHubby's bike was finally done - they had to order some parts and move a few mountains to get it to fit him properly - and we wanted to take the new tribike couple out for a spin. Unfortunately, when we arrived, Pyro's back tire had burst. Apparently, we had it hanging too close to the exhaust and it kind of melted the tire. Damn Newbies. We just can't seem to get anything right!

So, that was total suckage, but I did get a nice walk in while TriHubby rode Teacher (more on that name later) back and forth. He had the clipless pedals instantly - I was jealous - and the issue of him "trying" to keep up with me is now obviously over. He was flying!!! I felt so proud of him as I watched him zoom away - he's going to really kick some ass, lemme tell ya. And walking gave me a whole new perspective on a trail that I've ridden many, many times. Of course, some of the time was spent bemoaning the last time I'd ridden that trail and done a 40 miler followed by a three mile run off. Those were the days, my friends, those were the days. But much of my walk was very enjoyable - there's so much you don't notice when your riding or running a trail and focusing on speed or power or cadence. The river was just beautiful - slow and powerful, like me! And I was able to really examine a ceramic mural that decorates the trail head - the detail was amazing! To think I just flew by that mural so many times thinking, "huh, that's pretty." but never really noticed it. How much of life do I just hurry through? Funny how lessons come to us as we need to learn them. Time to slow down a bit, take in the detail, and be grateful for all that I have. I think I can deal with that assignment - if I can just get over this green feeling!


21stCenturyMom said...

Ugh - I didn't have much nausea but what I did suffer was gross. You just feel like a dirty ashtray. I hope yours doesn't last too long.

Vickie said...

Yuck. I don't envy you a bit. Three out of 4 pregnancies were fine (except for a few things I just couldn't eat), but the one that turned me green was anything spicy, tasting or smelling, so a lot of food went to the dogs. Hang in there. Hopefully it won't last too long. Twins? Triplets? Oh my! Wouldn't that be a surprise?

Rural Girl said...

Isn't it funny how those babies take control before they're even born!

RunningCrazyAfter3 said...

I didn't ever actually throw up either with any of my three, but always had that "on the verge" feeling. Nice to get to slow down and smell the roses, huh? Well, as long as they don't make you sick ;)