Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Year to Count Time By

Saturday, I turned 36. And while the "well meaning" comments of a very few regarding my age and the multitude of risks it carries to my unborn child have occasionally sent me into a panic, for the most part, I'm pleased as punch with this phase of my life. It has most definitely been a year to count time by.

I discovered a well spring of personal strength - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - in training for my first ever season of triathlon (and most assuredly not the last).

I made friends in person and online with an army of amazing people.

I made a significant turn on a path towards healing that I've been walking for many years. Its been so significant to me, I'm thinking of writing it all down in hopes that someone else might benefit.

I hope that I have grown as a person, a mother and a wife.

Just before the end of "my year" (Vickie posted on her birthday that we should measure our years by birthdays rather than January 1), as you know, I discovered that I have received the ultimate gift - a baby on the way!

Not many years are as eventful and full of blessings as this one has been. I pray that I have the wisdom to be truly grateful for all of these things -and for the gift of time and the chance at another day, each and every day.

On a lighter note, I also hope that work lightens up so that I can keep up with my blog and all those on my sidebar. Who ever made this "work at work" rule needs to rethink the plan!


Laurie said...

Happy birthday! I hope the coming year brings you as many joys as the past year has.

21stCenturyMom said...

Happy Birthday! The 30s are great. You sound very appreciative for all of the good things you have made happen this year and for all of the good/lucky things that have happened like your budding, teeny triathlete.


Vickie said...

Hope you had a great day! And my 4th child was born when I was 34, and I know a lot of women who have had children at 39 and over. I think you are still on the safe side.

jeanne said...

happy birthday, and did i read that right? are your preggers??!? YIPPEE!

jeanne said...

P.S. i can't keep up with anything anymore, either. it's impossible. i'm considering giving up showering.

congratulations again, i'm so thrilled for you!

Jane said...

don't let the OBs freak you out. We are all "advanced maternal age" at this point. 2007 has been a good year for me and seems to be for you too. I have enjoyed "meeting" you this year. I make a great Auntie Jane.

Krista said...

Very well said! I haven't been reading for all that long, but it sounds like you really do have much to celebrate. Happy birthday! And congrats on the new addition!

Anonymous said...

congrats! Don't sweat it-I had 9 lb twins when I was 36. 36 is the new 26!! :) Go pick out that Ironman Stroller! (seriously, there is an Ironman stroller made by B.O.B. I think!)

Dying Water Buffalo said...

Sounds like you had a phenominal year, and that you are one who truly appreciates her blessings.

Have a wonderful upcoming year! :)

Comm's said...

happy birthday

No Wetsuit Girl... overseas! said...

Someone much older than me told me that your 30s are the happiest time of your life. This post seems to reaffirm that, and your crescendo is still building!

Congratulations on an amazing year that I'm sure will always give you pleasure and pride to look back on!

Rural Girl said...

You have had an extremely eventful year and truly one to be proud of. Keep us in the loop as far as your pregnancy goes.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

OMG - I step away for a bit and THIS happens? Geebus!

Happy birthday! (late, of course).

Yeah - that age thing? It's a number, an instruction, a page in a book. It's just a thing that MDs like to freak out about - it's not real.

Have fun with this pregnancy - enjoy it as much as you can!