Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sunburn in January

I'm finally over my sunburn. Something I never thought I'd say in January.

Let me 'splain. Hubby and I are going on a belated honeymoon in February to the Riviera del Maya in Mexico. Yeah! Well, my vanity has already shown itself on this blog once or twice and it overuled my brain and decided that I must have a tan before I go. Tans make you look thinner. Tans hide cellulite. Tans give you skin cancer, sure, but you'll look so good in the coffin. This is the limited logic of Vanity. So, I talked Hubby into letting me do it (whining works wonders on the man) and, to my utter shock, he decided to come along for the ride.

Well, it was so far so good until last Sunday. After a wonderful long run in the snow, I was ready to warm up - so, off we went to our neighborhood Melonoma Factory. Our critical error was in listening to the impossibly brown Barbie and Ken dolls behind the counter. "10 minutes, you should be fine." We were not fine. We were on fire. My sunburn manifested itself in unbearable pain, Hubby's in unbearable itching. We were not fun people. Unfortunately, he's still itching - every once in awhile he'll let out an exasperated scream and run downstairs. The children look at me, expecting answers. I just shrug and say "Gold Bond". You've got to keep them guessing.

Anyway, now that my skin no longer hurts, I feel pretty good about going back today. Yeah. I'm going back. Vanity is stupid, petty, and meaner than the cheerleaders at my old high school. But she is a persuasive little bitch. Plus, I have this package that I have to use up. Plus, the heat feels really good when its cold out. I never claimed to be smart.

Oh, and training is going pretty well. Cranky Butt was quiet on my long run, silent on Monday (of course, I didn't train on Monday because I was in too much pain from the stupid sunburn), just whispered on my Tuesday run and is being absolutely beligerent right now. You can't win them all. My swim yesterday was mediocre - I really feel a difference when I'm out of the water for too long and I kept losing my rhythm. The lifeguard kept looking at me - maybe he was checking me out. Maybe he was wondering why I had a sunburn in January. Probably he was preparing himself to have to jump in and rescue me from drowning.

The bike is the bike. Tomorrow is supposed to get up to 50. Do you think my boss would consider "Unexpected Warm Spell" a legitimate reason to take a day off? Nah. I'll be riding out there on Saturday when its a high of 36 and snow flurries. Sigh.


Nytro said...

50?!?!? You're going to hit 50 degrees and are even bothering asking the boss for time off? We haven't been above freezing here in 15 straight days... and there's no exercising outside because of the inversion. Take my advice, if tomorrow is 50, call in sick. Tell him you think your body is in shock from the sunburn. I've used that one before.

Oh, and I've totally done the "Tan makes me look skinny" dance... and the itch afterwards. Sounds like you got a bed with new bulbs if 10 minutes did you in. Either that, or you're paler than I am. Which, would be quite the feat.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the link. Good luck with your trip, and with your training.

Phoenix said...

Thanks for stopping by, Nytro! I didn't have the guts to call in sick - yeah, in addition to being probably paler than you, I'm a total wuss. Oh,well, riding in the cold builds character.