Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Sometimes the Way Opens

I've always believed that when one is on the right path, the way is illuminated and whatever is needed is provided in some way - the sojourner need only have the faith. Once again, in a small but very meaningful way (at least to me), my theory has proven correct.

As I have confessed, I have a bike obsession. As I have also confessed, I have major financial issues that preclude buying a new - or even good used - bike. In fact, I've had to forgoe two races that I really wanted to do because the expense of hotels, registration, etc would be too much. Bummer. HOWEVER, just a few days ago, my husband remembered that one of his best friends had a road bike that he never used anymore. Did he ever. In fact, its a Peugot, custom built, vintage beauty. It has new tires because his neighbor borrowed it for a tri last season (just the race, not the training - curious). It fits me nearly perfectly and its mine for the season. No rent, just a prayer that I don't wreck it. I'm thrilled with my new foster baby - its sleek, its fast, its light, and its pretty. Its also red - and I have it on good authority that red bikes are faster. The only slight meloncholy left to dampen my enthusiasm was Bob's assertion that he would never sell the bike - despite the fact that he never rides it. Nevertheless - I'll take this gift and use it to the best of my ability. Thank you to the Universe for asserting that, for reasons unknown to me, I am on the right path.

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