Friday, January 5, 2007

Chink in the Armour

I have a cold. Me. The invicible Phoenix has a cold. Due to said cold, I missed both scheduled workouts yesterday. The upside is that one was a run and one was weights - discipline's I have been fairly consistent in for a number of months. The bad news is, I still feel like crap.

On and on I've bragged about how I "never get sick", crediting my diet, my exercise schedule, my superior genes. Pride goeth before a fall.

Tomorrow, I'm getting in the pool and on the bike - regardless. As God and you are my witnesses, I'm getting in the pool and on the bike. I'm not making any promises regarding distance but I'll be there, no matter what. Done.

I'm still feeling pretty bummed about missing out on the May and June races. I was looking forward to those. Plus, with my first race in July, I feel some slack in my motivational rope, the rope thats been pulling me towards the May race, urging me to do one more lap, one more mile, ten more minutes. That rope. Slack. Maybe its a good thing - maybe I need a little more time for exploration, joy, learning, a little less pressure. Nah. I really wish I was doing those races. But reality is reality. Nothing to be done. Except get in the pool and on the bike. Tomorrow. No Excuses. Done.

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