Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cold Conquered - Sort of

This morning's run was almost as cold as Sunday morning. Except it was 5 am and dark. But the wind was less considerable and the planned run was shorter (it was the same run I did on Sunday, but I had planned a much longer run)and, most importantly, I was prepared. I actually overdressed a bit and got pretty hot, but there's something that rocks about being hot in 13 degree weather - as long as you have wicking. Wicking is very important in cold, sweaty situations.

So I ran. I ran the planned five miles and even pushed myself to complete the planned drills and strides afterwords - even though people were arriving at the school where I do the drills/strides and even though the drills look like something out of The Ministry of Silly Walks. So good.

The only bad thing is that this morning's run really seemed to take it out of me. I've been exhausted all day, sitting at my desk like a zombie (with a suntan, thank you Melanoma Factory). So, instead of going to the gym for my weights, I'm going home to nap. If I feel better after that, I'll do the strength routine I have for home. I know. Wuss.


stronger said...

Thank you for the very kind comment. You are no wuss at -5!

Vickie said...

I found your blog through Stronger's. I also live in the cold Midwest so know what you speak about. Try a face mask for your face. There is a kind out there (I have it but of course can't remember the name) that takes that mind numbing sting out of the cold. It works pretty well actually, better than my old one of mostly neoprene. I'm not sure what you're training for other than getting through the winter at this point.