Friday, August 10, 2007


The unstoppable Vickie has tagged me - and I'm a sucker for a game of tag!!!

Here Goes, everything you wanted (or didn't want) to know but were afraid (or smart enough not) to ask:

Jobs I've held:

Boys and Girls Club Counselor (18, my first job)
Graphic Designer (College newspaper - totally had no idea what I was doing!)
Business Broker (for my dad - again NO IDEA what I was doing - I was 19)
Go-Go Dancer (I was 20. I DID NOT get naked)
Client Services for an employment/GED education service for young adults on welfare
Production Manager for a theatre - convinced me I suck at tech theatre jobs
Dancer (not the Go-Go kind)
Waitress (goes with the territory)
Adjunct Theatre Professor
Personal Assistant/Caregiver for an elderly woman
Legal Assistant

Movies I can watch over and over:
Lord of the Rings
Big Lebowski
Princess Bride
Long Kiss Goodnight
Monty Python and The Quest for the Holy Grail

Guilty pleasures:
Lu cookies
dark chocolate
sleeping late (don't see that one much anymore)

Places I have lived:
In order
St. Louis, Missouri
Durango, Colorado
Marissa, Illinois
Evansville, Indiana
Dolores, Colorado
Ocala, Florida
Cullowhee, North Carolina
St. Louis, Missouri.

Shows I Enjoy:
Deadwood (alas, re runs only)
The Office
My Name is Earl

Websites I visit daily:
See sidebar
Swim Bike Run St. Louis

Places I have been on vacation:
Riviera Del Maya, Mexico
Durango, Colorado
Perdido Key, Florida
Ozark Mountains
Blueridge Mountains
Franklin, Michigan
Various State Parks in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Colorado, North Carolina and Tennessee

Energizer Bunny

Second Place AG - O'Fallon, IL 10k
Third Place AG - Taste of Tilles 5k
Best Actress of 2000 - St. Louis Post Dispatch
Best Supporting Actress in a Drama - St. Louis Black Rep (played a Go-Go Dancer - Hah!)
Best Ensemble Nominee -Kevin Kline Awards (We didn't win, but it was a huge honor so I'm including it)
Talent Winner Junior Miss Pageant 1989

A new category: What do I value most?
The gift of my life
My family
My friends
Second Chances

So, there ya go. Probably more than enough TMI in here to last for decades.

21st Century Mom tagged everyone who hasn't been tagged yet so - that means YOU! Tag, you're it (unless you've already done it). Have an awesome weekend!!


TNTcoach Ken said...

WOw, you are diverse. That seems to be a trait for you tri-people.

21stCenturyMom said...

That's quite a lot of awards you have there. And you quit theater? I hope you can pick it up as a hobby after you have forged a successful career as an attorney. My crystal ball shows that you'll be the queen of community theater and an award winning triathlete.

IronJenny said...

I love that you value second chances - we all love that one and need it from time to time!

teacherwoman said...

Very nice... very nice!

I love the additional category!

Rural Girl said...

Wow, you've lived everywhere and done everything with still much more to come!

Jane said...

Wait, wait - you were a go-go dancer, you were another kind of dancer (but made it clear that it wasn't the go-go kind) but then won an award playing a go-go dancer? Were you a go-go dancer in a previous life? You should sign up for one of those Disco 5Ks and wear your go-go boots!

By the way, upon your mentioning, I bought that book, Eat for Life. It's pretty good so far.

No Wetsuit Girl... overseas! said...

"Production Manager for a theatre - convinced me I suck at tech theatre jobs". You're WAY too hot to be a techie. You're much better suited for not being behind the lights but UNDER them... shakin' your little booty (naked or not).

I feel like I know you so much better now.