Thursday, January 15, 2009

Starting Over . . .

Its like 5 degrees outside. And I was out there. Training. Its the very start - the training of a newbie triathlete who, not so very long ago, was doing well to waddle her hugely pregnant body from one side of the neighborhood to the other. The training of a newbie triathlete who, until very very recently, hadn't slept for longer than two hours at a time for months and months. The training, in other words, of a person who, until a week and a half ago, was only slightly more active than a houseplant. That's my long, drawn out way of saying that I'm starting very very small. Today's "run" was only 15 minutes - with walking breaks every 2 1/2 min. My "long run" is only 20 min. Long swim also only 20. But I'm training.

There's a sprint triathlon near me on June 13th. I'm doing it. So is my sister. And Tri Hubby. Its going to be awesome.

And so, it begins. Again. I've got a long long way to go. But that's nothing new.

It was 5 degrees out there. And I ran. Because Thats. How. I. Roll.


Tom said...

Hibernation is over. Phoenix has risen. Have fun.

Dan Seifring said...

Welcome back!!!!!