Thursday, January 29, 2009

Smelling Like Pool and Other Training Pleasures

I can't even tell you how great it feels to get in the pool again. It always feels like so much effort, but its always sooo worth it. I was surprised to find that I could swim 500 straight the third time I swam - so I'm in a better place than when I first started training to tri and could only swim 25 yards. At least in the swimming department, I'm in a better place. Running is a whole different story. My knees hate me, my lungs hate me . . . oh well. It feels good to be sore again.

I even got to get outside on my mountain bike a couple of weeks ago. They just finished a trail by the river near our house and I went exploring on it. Most of it is pothole riddled pavement but I think I can maneuver Pyro around the worst stuff. When the weather warms up, I suspect it will be a favorite ride for me.

Oh yeah, and I lost five pounds. Cool. Only twenty to go. . .

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greyhound said...

Hit it! Races will be here before you know it.