Thursday, November 15, 2007

Crunchy Mama

Its funny, motherhood, especially early motherhood (including pregnancy) seems to pull me back to my crunchy granola roots. My parents were far from being hippies but my mom strove for natural childbirth with all her pregnancies and breastfed all of us at a time when bottle feeding was "what people did" and both my folks ran a ski shop in Durango, Colorado, routinely employing long haired ski bums for whom bathing was optional. I had several tie dyed shirts. So, I suppose I come by it honestly. I didn't come into my own as a "Granola", however, until college in a small mountain town in North Carolina. There, theatre people were pretty much one with the hippy types and the attitude and way of life resonated with me. My best friend and I referred to ourselves as hippies with jobs.

Still, in mainstream society - particularly working in a law office - its easy to drift away from the scent of patchouli and the belief that Mother Earth truly has all we need. When I was pregnant with Boy Genius, I was immersed in peace, love, and the joys of natural motherhood. I was determined to follow in my mother's footsteps with a natural birth (I went for the meds after 18 hours of going it alone) and a breastfed baby (my son has never tasted formula and enjoyed mother's milk until he was two). Once he was born, I attended La Leche League meetings monthly, jokingly referred to myself as the Nazi of Breastfeeding (JOKINGLY - I really have no negative judgments on women who choose to bottle feed. If they want to malnourish their babies, that's their business ;) KIDDING!), and fed myself and my family a diet of whole foods. We even did cloth diapers after B.G. got a terrible diaper rash. Oh, and he spent most of his first year in my arms or in a sling. I was a crunchy mama. When Boy Genius headed to daycare at three and I headed back to work, I started to drift away from my hippie sensibilities. When I found a full time job two years ago and stopped doing theatre, I thought the transformation was complete. I still prefer the woods to a spa, but I thought I was over the tie dye years.

Then, the now legendary little pink plus sign. And, suddenly, I find myself longing for the smell of patchouli. I'm taking a Dancing for Birth class - and found myself envious last night when the other preggo in the class told me she was having a Home Birth. Not to be outdone, I'm speaking to my doula about the possibility of a water birth - in the hospital, I'm too much of a worry wort to be able to birth at home. So, here I am again - crunchy. I've pretty much determined to go cloth all the way this time - better for baby butts and the environment. And, of course, unless somebody cuts off my breasts, I'm nursing. Absolutely crunchy. Funny what motherhood does to a perfectly well adjusted professional. I guess its time to start shopping for tie dye - so you think they have tie dye trisuits?


No Wetsuit Girl said...

I don't know if that's necessarily hippie, more like good mothering decisions. Some of those baby diapers that that make baby walk on water, and baby foods with 900% of the creatine that baby needs to grow healthy and strong scare me.

I had a friend who was a raver until she got knocked up. Now she spends her free time sewing 19th century-style dresses. You breeders do some weird things...

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

I have seen tie-died everything.

don't worry about having baby at home in water. I'm just sayin'. Had it not been illegal, I would have home birthed my twins in water, I was so sold on it after I watched a friend birth her baby at home in a tub. Wow.

Look into hypnobirth - I am not kidding when I say it's the one tool every pregnant woman should have. Best thing ever. PM me if you have questions - I got books and stuff!

jeanne said...

oh i'm all about cloth diapers. We're DESTROYING the planet, not to mention our babies' bottoms, with those horrible plastic things, designed to "HOLD IN THE WET" so you don't have to change as often. Great.

People don't get how EASY cloth diapers are...they won't even consider them! the same way they won't consider ever NOT using a car.

sigh. sorry. rant.

I'm all for the hospital water birth! If only I could do it over. A doula is the way to go. Good for you!