Friday, September 7, 2007

Happy Birthday, Boy Genius!

Tomorrow, my baby turns eight. Eight years old. Where does time go?
This morning, we walked to school in the rain, a big umbrella sheltering us from the deluge. He was a bundle of giggles and sparkling energy. Its so much fun to see him in such a good mood.
We used to walk in the rain when he was a toddler and I was a stay at home mom, he in his little blue duck rain boots, I holding the big umbrella. I blinked and I was walking him to second grade.
Back then, he would stop at every puddle and jump until I guided him to the next one - like every kid does. This morning, he didn't jump in every puddle - his momma cautioned him against spending the day with wet feet - but I could see by the glint in his eye that he wanted to.
Back then, he wanted to spend every moment that he wasn't exploring on my lap. No one but momma would do. Now, he prefers to spend his time running the neighborhood with his pack of boys, getting muddy, riding bikes, performing death defying stunts on scooters, bikes and skateboards - I am relegated to watching from the kitchen window, chewing on my lip, bursting out the door to put a stop to any activity that is truly dangerous - like riding sleds down the neighbor's driveway into the street ?!?!
Still, sometimes he throws his arms around me and tells me he loves me. He still wants me to kiss him goodnight. And at least three times a week or so, he crawls in my lap for a snuggle, smiles his little smile with his head on my shoulder.
He's grown into quite a little boy. When we arrive at school, we are greeted by a chorus of little voices, calling his name, happy to see him. I take that as a good sign. He's funny, spunky and scary smart - all qualities I admire. I just can't tell you how proud I am of him.
I remember driving with him one evening when he was about three. We were on our way home from somewhere, darkness and silence surrounding us. His little voice comes out of the backseat, out of nowhere and says "I love the whole world." Words to aspire to for all of us.
Happy Birthday, little man. Time flies too quickly, but I'm so happy to spend it as your mom.


stronger said...

Happy, happy birthday big guy!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Happy Birthday Devin! Way to go big Guy!
I'm dedicating a whole post on the wood working blog to Saturday’s Survivor Island style Birthday Party. Lara has planned a Volcano Birthday cake (with Lava), Games and a Tahitian looking PiƱata.

Love Hubby
ps, I can't believe you made him wear ducky boots!

The One and Only Tigger said...

Happy Birthday Boy Genius! I came across your blog from Running Crazy after three. I found your posting simply amazing. First off the picture of the two of you, what is all that green stuff behind you? Here in the desert it is brown dirt... You talk about Rain that is a foreign word to us desert dwellers. I can remember many similar stories from raising my two oldest and am now living it again with my 3 year old daughter. Kids are great, they seem so innocent, until WHAM then back to reality. I will have to keep in touch. Have a great weekend.

RunningCrazyAfter3 said...

Dangit Phoenix! Why'd you go and have to make me all soft and sappy today? I've been in a *zone* LOL and then you get me with nostalgia ;) Sounds like the party is going to be the place to be! Happy Birthday bud!

Actually, I am just more and more amazed at how many things I find similar in your life and mine. My oldest is 8, my God-given name is Laura (go by Lori) and we only live about 3 hours apart! Kind of crazy, huh?!

Tom said...

Little blue duck boots. The whole world should have them. Happy birthday little man.

21stCenturyMom said...

Happy Birthday Boy Genius!

Eight is Great!

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

aww, happy birthday boy genius!

No Wetsuit Girl... overseas! said...

He sounds like such a happy kid, which means you're such a good mom! Good moms are hard to come by in this world, all the good ones are taken by careers. Total non-sequetor, but the other day I was walking down a crowded street with an American and a Spaniard. Suddenly a pregnant woman ran out of somewhere (for some reason I think it was a McDonald's) and started screaching something horrible and hitting an 8-year-old girl. No one did anything to stop it, even when she ran after the little girl to kick her as hard as she could. It stuck with me, and I've been struggling with the thought that it seems like so many awful people become parents. I'm so glad that you are a great mom committed not only to your family, but also to being a strong, positive role model for your son.

So many props for Phoenix and happy, happy birthday to Boy Genius!!!

Pat said...

Ok, so I see Phoenix and I'm thinking here's a blogger near me. Why haven't I found her blog before. I check it out and you live in St. Louis, not Phoenix. But wait, I used to live in St. Louis and you got a great blog. So I read, and read and read some more. Great report on the LSL tri. You are fast.

FYI - I lived in metro StL for about 11 years. Maryland Hts, U City, Bellefontaine Neighbors and finally Florissant. But now live in Chandler, AZ. No, we didn't follow the football Cardinals.

I'll check back from time to time, keep writing and running.


teacherwoman said...

Happy birthday to your little man!