Thursday, February 8, 2007

Team of Many

Thanks Bolder and Vickie for your comments. After much thought and processing your advice, I decided to go for it. I'm now an official member of Big Shark Triathlon Team. I'm excited and scared. Mostly I'm excited. No, mostly I'm scared.

This also brings up those old bike inadequacy feelings. In truth, my biggest inadequacy is my skill on the bike, however, it does not do the pride a lot of good to be riding a bike that's almost as old as you are (Sorry, Molls). There's a very hot Quintano Roo Caliente on ebay right now. Its a great deal. I still totally can't afford it. AAHHH! The insistent banter of The Hungry Ghost.

Well, old bike or new bike, fast or slow, fat or bodacious, I've made the leap. Lets hope I can grow some wings.


Bolder said...

no need to thank me, i'm here to help.

now, that you've blazed the path! i've got to join my local team!!

Vickie said...

I can't believe how similar our triathlon paths seem to be. About the old bike problem. I went through that too, not that at one point it wasn't new, it just wasn't the caliber of road bike needed to keep up with the fast people. Added to that was the fit. Regardless of what you get, make sure you get at least a half-decent bike fit. It will make the difference between having more power or not. I kept getting told it isn't the bike, but the motor, but I do believe it has something to do with the bike and fit as well. I am in the process of buying a new bike right now, and I plan to upgrade in price more than I want to spend to be sure I get something that will be good enough for the next few years at least. Good luck on your search!