Monday, February 26, 2007


I am sick. Again. This is my second cold in as many months. I suppose I have to consider the possibility that I'm overtraining. Darn my impatience!! Or maybe I'm just a wuss. Or maybe Saturday's brick - 50 min. swim, 2 hours on the trainer, 1.5 mile run in driving ice/rain - wasn't the best idea with a sick girl in the house. Regardless of the reason, I am officially benched until I can breathe again.

I valiantly set my alarm for the usual 4:45a.m. this morning, thinking, maybe I'll feel well enought to go for a swim. A swim almost always helps me kick whatever evil bug is lurking in my urt and bronchial tubes. It. Was. Not. Happening. Shit.

And my planned Crossfit workout (thanks to Stronger, and LittlemissRunnerpants for turning me onto that brand of strength training), the workout my darling Hubby installed a pullup bar for this weekend. Also. Not. Happening. Doubleshit.

I suppose I'm irrationally afraid that whatever weak degree of fitness I've managed to gain will completely distentegrate with unplanned days off. Sick, I know. Bordering on Compulsive. Plus, I like training. I like sweating. I like to challenge myself. Right now, my biggest challenge is getting through today without curling up on the floor under my desk for a nap.

While in my basement, Pyro lurks. Itching for a ride in the real outdoors. Oh, the humanity.


Bolder said...

clearly, you were NOT sympathetic enough when i had THE PLAGUE and was missing my workouts.


regardless, the medical term for it here in Boulder is 'the crud'... i hope you get over it soon!

alejandra said...

um, hello... you've installed a pullup bar in your house?!?!

THAT IS THE SHIT! i asked for one for my birthday.. because i'm that kind of dork... and am currently awaiting a trip to the lou to pick it up!


but don't rock it till you get over that cold. its going around like the plague and the more rest you get now, the faster you'll recover!

but then when you're well....