Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I've been unable to work out for a full week - a fast which I was finally able to break with a walk this morning. My belly has nearly instantly popped from the "Is she or isn't she" stage to full blown "When are you due?" - and I think my back has suffered from this rapid change in mass. It was so bad, I couldn't sit, walk, stand or lie down last week. Or, I could, but all of them hurt. A lot. So running was right out. And swimming seemed agony. So, I tried to rest as best I could and hoped for a recovery. So far so good.

Being laid up is hard stuff for an active person - rather you are training for an Ironman, your first Olympic, or a natural childbirth, its no fun sitting around and waiting to get better. It makes the common problem of "lack of motivation" seem ridiculously obsolete. You would do anything to get out the door and you can't understand why anyone would have a hard time getting themselves off the couch - despite the fact that you have suffered that exact ailment more than once. The good thing about the ordeal is it does seem to banish the "motivation blahs" for a time. I'm sure they'll come back with my desire to get more sleep but, for now, I'm thankful to be up and out again. Next week, I'll start running again, knock on wood.


21stCenturyMom said...

What a bummer that your back hurts so much. I hope it stops doing that soon!

The One and Only Tigger said...

Good luck next week with your running. Just remember everything you can about your preg. It is a time to cherish the bonding of you and your baby. best of luck to both of you.

Vickie said...

Don't worry about it so much! Just do some brisk walking. Its better than laying on the couch, and will keep your fitness enough. I was 35 when I had my last one, and while I exercised as much as possible, running started only after the baby was almost a year old. And have you checked your iron levels?

Speed Racer said...

I was just coming by to say I missed you, and here you are with a new post! Yippee!

I'm sorry to hear that your baby blew up like a balloon this month. Take care of yourself. You'll have plenty of time later on for not appreciating rest when you had the chance.

When ARE you due anyway?


Jane said...

Sending you good thoughts. How far along are you?