Friday, June 1, 2007

A Little Race

Sooo . . . I have a little race tomorrow. A 5k near my old South City neighborhood. And I'm not nervous. Exactly.

I'm actually really amazed that I'm so lassais faire about a 5k. My first race ever was a 5k when my son was just a baby and it seemed massive at the time. Three plus miles as fast as I could run - and I was praying to get in under 30 min - which I don't think I did. Now, while I'm not sure my time is going to be a whole lot better, 5k seems like a cake walk. Which has got me worried.

Because - I seem to like to worry. And, also because pride goeth before a fall. As does bonk. And over confidence. So, maybe I should start getting nervous?

I have tapered for it - I've cut my running volume the last couple of days, did some speed work on Tuesday, tempo Wednesday and some short jogs yesterday. But I'm not feelin' the magnitude, ya' know? I really want to do this baby all out - I need to see how my LT has progressed since the St. Pat's five miler - and I feel its good prep for the run portion of my Very First Tri Ever in July. 6 WEEKS AWAY!!! YIKES!

So - am I overthinking this, or what? And is it really too late to adjust anything anyway? I dunno. I guess I'm just looking for reassurance that my blase attitude is normal or okay or at least not a recipe for disaster.

Oh, and, um have a great weekend everyone!


Danielle in Iowa said...

Obsessing and worrying about races is a natural part of race prep for me :-) Now only if it didn't interfere with sleeping the night before...

Bolder said...

sersly, i'm not sure you should even put shoes on for 5K.

take the 'safety tabs off'

negative split that bad boy, pushing the second half to see if you blow up into a million pieces

it's a 5K!

you're gonna PR!!


Spence said...

I'm with Bold. But that said, I've learned that calm and confident is good but complacent is not. Just make sure you're prepared for the unexpected and roll with whatever happens. You're gonna totally PR!!!

OH, and HAVE FUN!!!

Donald said...

If you're nervous, that just means it's important to you. Nothing wrong with that.

Have a great race!

teacherwoman said...

Good luck on your race tomorrow... and just enjoy it!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Hope the race went well.

And best wishes on your upcoming first tri.

Above all, have fun!

Vickie said...

I'll bet you did better than you expected! You have had so much more time to improve. And I'm a worrier too--its just something that seems to go with the territory I guess. Let us know how you did!

Rural Girl said...

So how did it go? We're waiting...!