Thursday, June 21, 2007


As you see above, my blog is rated PG. Thanks to Nytro for that little informative bit of information. She got an NC-17, by the way. Much cooler than my PG. Could I get any more tame? I always thought I was a wild thing. Maybe I should say the f word more.

In other, more relevant news, my training has sort of sporadically sucked ass (take that PG rating). Not in its quality as much as in its consistency and quantity. It seems like I can't get all the planned workouts in for more than one discipline per week - and sometimes not even that. I'm worried that I'm getting lax and will feel it come race time - particularly in September when I attempt my A race - the Lake St. Louis Oly. The problem is, when I manage to get everything in, I find I'm suffering from sleep deprivation - so it seems I have to choose between doing it all or sleeping - and sleeping seems to be helping almost as much as training - at least on a daily level. My fear is that it will prove to be less useful on the racing level. What's a girl to do? I definitely feel my fitness improving - but the numbers on my little ticker over there are less than impressive. This week, the swim is suffering as I haven't gotten in the pool since Saturday. Once a week ain't gonna cut it, people! Of course, the beginning of the week I was suffering some major GI distress due to an overindulgence in the Dreaded Dairy on Saturday. Thanks to my Sister In Law who puts cheese in everything - even tea. Ok, not tea, but in everything else. So, due to said GI stress, my Monday swim was ix-neyed.

Any input? Is my Oly going to kill me with this minimal training I've been spitting out? Is sleep as important as miles and yards? Who shot JR? Any information is appreciated.


Bolder said...

my blog is only rated R.

i was highly disappointed.

sleep is more important than... almost everything... almost.


i'm getting TOO much sleep.

(notice how i kept this R content PG? -- it's a gift)

21stCenturyMom said...

My blog is "G" - straight up "G"!!! And I thought I was such a wild child. Not in print, I guess.

Sleep is good. I also have a hard time fitting in double workouts on any given day. My best advice is to plan those workouts into the morning. Go short but get them in. Go long on the weekends and use a weekday for training rest. It's about all you can do.

No Wetsuit Girl... overseas! said...

I don't think that it matters that you're concentrating on only one dicipline a week and just maintaining with the other 2 getting by on a couple workouts a week. The important thing is that you're rotating through all 3 and not doing what I do and doing swim, bike, swim, bike because I hate to run. And remember, something is better than nothing. If you only have time for 15 minutes, then 15 minutes is better than spending those 15 minutes... I don't know... drinking cheese tea. Sleep is a wonderful thing too, take it wherever you can get it.

No Wetsuit Girl... overseas! said...

PS I got a G. It says there were no bad words found in my blog, but I'm quite sure I used the f-bomb, the s-word and probably several other bleep-worthy expressions in my most recent blog. You and me and 21st Century Mom, we're ALL bad girls.

Danielle in Iowa said...

Well, if you look at your month to date numbers, they ain't too shabby IMHO! So maybe you just need to keep it all big picture :-)

Anonymous said...

Your rating is gone, but the online dating link still remains!

What the Fuck!?!?!

Will that help?


the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

sleep is very important. somebody said it's better to go in a touch undertrained than overtrained. I shoot for trained, but there you go.

mine was PG-13. Family friendly but edgy. Yeah, that's it...

Vickie said...

I'm always afraid my blog is dull, but I am just too straight forward and have worked for lawyers too long to put much in print at risk! It sounds like your training is going along the best it can. I know how you feel, always worried I can't make it. But your biking and running are awesome, so just don't worry about the swim for your sprint race. You're likely to be so stressed over it anyway it will impact whatever training you have. Not to get you stressed, just telling it like it probably will be. You still have almost 3 months to work on the swim then for the Oly. I really think you will know what you have to do after your sprint, and you've still got weeks before then. Get your rest, try not to stress, enjoy the summer training. As much as you want to do really well, we'll still love you no matter what!

Rural Girl said...

How does your blog get a rating? I'm so bassackwards I didn't know this existed!

Sleep girlfriend. There's time. This is just a dip in the road. If you don't and keep pushing you'll feel even worse, then you'll sleep some more and have even more lack of motivation, then you'll sleep some more...... and so the saga goes.

teacherwoman said...

Mine is rated G! Now that is bogus crap! Hehehe. I might have to spruce things up a bit!