Monday, April 9, 2007

Better Days

Today Rocked. Especially in the light of last week, it was a very good day.

First - I finally went to the Master's Swim group that meets in a very convenient place for me. Like right across the street. Why haven't I done this before you ask? Because in the immortal words of Alanis Morissette, "I'm brave, but I'm chicken sh*t." I was so worried that I'd get left in the dust. If that's possible in a pool. That I wouldn't be able to do the workout and I would disrupt the entire group.

I was right about one thing. I wasn't able to do the entire workout. But it wasn't a problem. There were plenty of lanes and I had 1/2 a lane to myself, nobody tapping my toes. The coach on deck was incredibly helpful and encouraging. Apparently, my hand entry is "great". Who knew? I need to work on keeping my front arm out a bit longer, especially when I breathe, but I was starting to get the rhythm of that before I left. The most beautiful thing was, I was able to get in 2400 yards - 1000 more than I could have fit if I was swimming at my old venue. Which is more expensive. And lonely. And no one gives you helpful pointers and tells you that your hand entry is "great". I have to swim there on Saturday, because "my" group doesn't meet on Saturdays, but I'm never going back there for a weekday swim. Not in the foreseeable future, anyway!

Work was tolerable - though I was a lazy butt today. The weather was still cool but much improved - sun and everything.

After work, I pulled Pyro out of my trunk (my wonderful husband put her in there while I was rushing around getting ready for work - my attorney forgot his keys - on the morning before a trial - so I had to go in early to get the file and bring it too him at the courthouse. Yes, I am amazing. And Hubby rocks for putting Pyro in the car. You Rock, Hubby!! But I digress.) I pulled Pyro out of the trunk, shaking miserably (me, not the bike), got on anyway (after cell-phone encouragement from Hubby - Again, Hubby is Rockin'), and rode about ten miles. Fifteen was the plan but I'm having fit issues that result first in painful hands after about 2 miles then in numb hands that don't work properly. For like days. Weird. But I digress. Once I got over the traffic (five minutes), I started having fun. I started hauling a$$ (when I wasn't stopping at a stop sign). 20mph was starting to feel normal - where before it felt terrifying and I immediately backed off. I didn't ride the brakes on every hill. I totally caught this dude on the hills and passed him - he kept going past me on the downhills or at intersections cause he was braver, but I'd get him on the uphill (well, I caught up with him and passed him twice). Very cool. I've discovered that I like saying "On your left." I was hoping I wasn't irritating him but the last time he passed, he had to go right because I was a bit to the left and a car was coming and he said "On your right" with a grin. We both gave each other good natured chuckles and he was off. I would have caught him. Totally. But I had reached my office again. I wish I could have gone longer, but it was good to get some quality time in and to see that speedometer around 20mph for most of the way back.

Big Fun.

Have a great week, all!


Anonymous said...

You rock too Sweetheart!

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...


Hey - do you ride with gloves? the nerve thing could be related to the padding (or lack thereof) in the gloves. Do a search on ulnar nerve see if it rings any bells.

Yay for getting back on the horse!

Vickie said...

Good job on the swim! You are coming along. And eventually you will be able to do the whole workout. And then funny things will happen. Like you will get stronger and faster on your runs. As for the bike fit issue, definitely with the numbness it is a problem. I had that a few years ago--my left thumb was numb for days and my right thumb twitched for days after a 64 mile ride. A little hard to type with that going on! I finally got a new stem last year and the problem improved quite a bit. Still not perfect, but not as much numbness.

Fe-lady said...

I love the line "I like saying 'on your left'"-that is so cool!
20 mph is normal...on a bike that doesn't fit you properly? Wow...think of the possibilities!

Bolder said...

in a tri club.

masters classes.

20mph and takin' on roadies.


keep workin' it, you're doin' great!!