Monday, May 21, 2007

Slack Ass Week

It’s been a slack ass week. Slack. Ass. It started great on Monday with a 3000 yard swim, I felt fabulous even though I had to get up at 4:30 a.m. I should have known something was up. As I was walking my son to school, I was suddenly hit with stomach cramps so agonizing, I was doubled over on my neighbor’s driveway. I had to send my poor little guy the rest of the way on his own – me watching to make sure he got across the street okay, then making my way back to the house wandering which god I had offended and what animal I needed to sacrifice to make things right.

Then, I did something I haven’t done since I got this job a year and a half ago – I called in sick. I really thought that I probably wasn’t that sick I just needed some extra rest – so I imagined an hour or so nap and then lots of quiet time to study for the looming LSAT. I slept for six hours – non-stop. Then I woke up, ate a piece of toast and slept for a few more hours. It sucked. It continued to suck for three days – though I dragged my ass into work on Tuesday and Wednesday, I just sort of shuffled around, trying to do some work without falling over. No animals were sacrificed. And I survived. I even felt better eventually – fully human by Friday. But I got absolutely no training in all week. Zero. Suck.

I eased back into training on Saturday with a 1900 yard swim and a four and a half mile run. I felt like such a slacker – and I was amazed at myself that a forty-five minute swim and a four and a half mile run felt like slacking. I guess I have come a long way, even with my week of slothfulness. I was hoping to get in a 30 plus mile ride yesterday, but alas, my ride was cut short by a flat tire and an impending softball game. Long story.

So, with a Memorial Day weekend float trip on the near horizon, in which I will get no training in save a few strokes with my canoe paddle, I am trying to cram some actual miles and yards in. Wish me luck. I think I’m gonna need it.


Bolder said...

hey, that's not slack ass -- you were sick!

remember, you can't make up workouts -- that's a rookie mistake on the road to injury and frustration.

just take a look at the next rung on the ladder, and start building back up to make that happen!

Vickie said...

Some weeks go like that, despite our best efforts. Apparently you needed the rest and your body was craving it. Have fun on the weekend, and you'll be ready to get back it when its over.